Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Strymon DIG joins THE LIST of pedals that sync to MIDI Clock

Strymon's new DIG Dual Digital Delay can sync to MIDI Clock using Molten Voltage's CTL-Sync Classic Effect Synchronizer pedal.  Sync your DIG to over 145 other effects - you heard that right!

Here's THE LIST of effects that sync to MIDI Clock.


We also just added the Chase Bliss Gravitas analog tremolo, which can sync to MIDI Clock generated by Molten Voltage's Master Control and Tempode pedals.

Gravitas joins the Wombtone and Warped Vinyl.

It's great to see manufacturer's making MIDI magic!

.:. Bill

Thursday, July 23, 2015

G-Quencer gives you 8 fresh ways to love your DigiTech Whammy

We just finished up a video that shows all 8 ways to play G-Quencer, the Riff Dispenser.

Your DigiTech Whammy will never be the same!

G-Quencer takes the DigiTech Whammy, the most popular pitch-shifting pedal of all time, and multiplies its sonic potential.

G-Quencer lets you hear notes that aren’t normally available on the Whammy, then sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.

This video demonstrates all 8 ways to make music with G-Quencer

Check it out at www.G-Quencer.com

 .:. Bill