Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Connecting Classic Effects on your MIDI PedalBoard

MIDI is your PedalBoard's best friend.

Guitarists have finally wrestled MIDI away from synth geeks and re-purposed it to control their PedalBoards.  But what to do with all those classic effects that don't use MIDI?

...glad you asked!

Switching Effects On and Off

The first thing to do is connect all effects to a MIDI-controlled switching unit, such as NODE.

NODE works with all major MIDI controllers and is dead simple to program.  Just turn on and off the loops you want, and toggle the PGM switch.  NODE stores the programs internally, which makes it modular, so you can just bring part of your MIDI PedalBoard to a gig!  See "nodular" PedalBoards at this link.

Syncing Delays and Modulation Effects

Any effects that have a jack for remote Tap Input, such as the BOSS DD-7 Delay, PH-3 Phase Shifter, AW-3 Dynamic Wah, or dozens of others, can be synced to MIDI Clock with CTL-SYNC.

CONTROL SYNC uses optically isolated outputs to keep the analog and digital circuits completely separate.

A simple 1/4" cable from CONTROL SYNC to your classic effect is all that's needed!

Using classic effects on your modern MIDI PedalBoard is now easier than ever.

Learn more at MoltenVoltage.com


Monday, July 1, 2013


The Strymon TimeLine is the hottest delay on the market, and for good reason.

It's sound quality is crystal clear and it's packed full of features and killer presets.  It's well-built and easy to use.  What more could you want?

...glad you asked!

Even though it's primarily a delay, TimeLine has a limited LOOPER mode that sounds terrific and is easily accessed by holding down the TAP button for a couple seconds.

The TimeLine is actually capable of being a full-featured LOOPER, because Strymon added a bunch of additional LOOPER features that can be only accessed by MIDI commands.  The thing is, most people play music to get away from their computer, not to connect it to their pedals!

Molten Voltage loves the TimeLine, and decided to make a separate foot controller that unlocks those MIDI-only LOOPER commands, while adding a number of other slick features, putting the TimeLine LOOPER on par with any other Looper on the market.

OZ connects to the TimeLine with a standard MIDI cable - no mods required!   
You'll be able to use OZ without opening a manual.

Features include:

UNDO back to initial loop
REDO overdubs (after pressing UNDO)
REVERSE loop direction instantly
HALF-SPEED playback and recording with LED Speed indicator.
--- Tip: record at half-speed to create DOUBLE-SPEED playback!

Single-press, soft-touch recording and playback
--- Press and Hold the REC/PLAY Button while recording and the loop automatically plays on release.  This makes loop timing far easier and more accurate than pressing a second button

DRY Switch automates TimeLine's LOOPER without delay by setting the Mix to guitar only upon Record

LOOP LEVEL control - adjust in real-time, or set it and forget it (auto-adjust on Record)
MIDI IN merges and actively filters incoming MIDI data for optimal TimeLine synchronization and performance
One-cable MIDI OUT connection to the TimeLine - no mods required!
Staggered, stair-step switch design for easy-access to rear switches
Optional side Record Jack for remote soft-touch footswitch operation

Simple, intuitive user interface

If you want to learn more about OZ and how to get the most out of your TimeLine, head over to MoltenVoltage.com


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MIDI PedalBoards are finally a reality

It's only taken 30 years, but MIDI PedalBoards for guitarists are finally coming into their own.

In the last few years, a growing number of cutting-edge effect companies have made their devices capable of synchronization to MIDI Clock.  The list of devices is multiplying quickly, and includes:

Eventide - Timefactor
Eventide - Modfactor
Eventide - Pitchfactor
Eventide - Space Reverb
MOOG - MF-104M - Analog Delay
MOOG - MF-105M - moogerfooger MIDI MuRF
MOOG - MF-108M - Cluster Flux
Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-FxII Preamp/FX Processor
Strymon - Mobius
Strymon - TimeLine
Pigtronix - Infinity Looper
Roger Linn - AdrenaLinn
EHX - 2880 - Super Multi-Track Looper
EHX - 8-Step Program - Analog Expression/CV Sequencer
EHX - 45000 - Multi-Track Looping Recorder
TC Electronic - Flashback X4 Delay & Looper
BOSS - Slicer (SL-20) - Audio Pattern Processor
BOSS - RC-300 Loop Station
Empress - Phaser
Roland - VG-99

However, for some inexplicable reason, none of the major PedalBoard MIDI controllers send MIDI Clock!

Forget 99% of what MIDI can do, all that really matters on a pedalboard is turning effects on and off, calling up presets, and synchronizing pedals, like delays, phasers, and loopers, that can lock onto an external clock.

Molten Voltage saw the writing on the wall and created a line of modular MIDI PedalBoard devices that are simple to use, including the Molten Voltage MASTER CONTROL.

MASTER CONTROL is the first of its kind - a dedicated PedalBoard MIDI Controller that sends MIDI Clock.  It also stores the tempo associated with each of the 128 programs.  Version MV-58B (shown in the photo) features four Side Controllers that can be placed strategically around your PedalBoard for easy access without sticking out your toe to change programs like a ballerina!

Brooklyn-based Producer Allen Farmelo reviewed it in Tape Op Magazine and proclaimed
"MASTER CONTROL is a simple and intuitive interface that all of us started using effortlessly in about ten seconds of trial."

MIDI PedalBoards can be simple and creative tools that help artists streamline their sound. A good product can be used without opening a manual.  If you are interested in modernizing your pedalboard, check out what Molten Voltage has to offer.




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What the Clock?

In spite of the fact that a growing number of guitar effects can synchronize to MIDI Clock, none of the major guitar PedalBoard MIDI controllers send MIDI Clock data!

The list of clockless controllers includes Diezel Columbus Midi Pedalboard, Behringer FCB-1010, VooDoo Lab Ground Control Pro, Mastermind GT, Fractal MFC-101, Nobels MF-2, Tech 21 MIDI Mouse, Tech 21 MIDI Moose, Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep, Rocktron Midi Xchange, and Rocktron MidiMate.

To fill this obvious void, Molten Voltage created TEMPODE, an inline pedalboard MIDI Clock injector that goes in between the controller and the rest of your pedalboard.

TEMPODE is simple to use, just tap on the button to set the tempo, press Start to send the clock.

What's more, TEMPODE stores the tempo associated with each of 128 programs, so when you recall a program with your controller, TEMPODE immediately sends MIDI Clock at the stored speed.

To save a program, simply hold down the tap button for 2 seconds until the LED turns solid yellow.  That's it!

Find out more:
TEMPODE Owner's Manual