Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Connecting Classic Effects on your MIDI PedalBoard

MIDI is your PedalBoard's best friend.

Guitarists have finally wrestled MIDI away from synth geeks and re-purposed it to control their PedalBoards.  But what to do with all those classic effects that don't use MIDI?

...glad you asked!

Switching Effects On and Off

The first thing to do is connect all effects to a MIDI-controlled switching unit, such as NODE.

NODE works with all major MIDI controllers and is dead simple to program.  Just turn on and off the loops you want, and toggle the PGM switch.  NODE stores the programs internally, which makes it modular, so you can just bring part of your MIDI PedalBoard to a gig!  See "nodular" PedalBoards at this link.

Syncing Delays and Modulation Effects

Any effects that have a jack for remote Tap Input, such as the BOSS DD-7 Delay, PH-3 Phase Shifter, AW-3 Dynamic Wah, or dozens of others, can be synced to MIDI Clock with CTL-SYNC.

CONTROL SYNC uses optically isolated outputs to keep the analog and digital circuits completely separate.

A simple 1/4" cable from CONTROL SYNC to your classic effect is all that's needed!

Using classic effects on your modern MIDI PedalBoard is now easier than ever.

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