Monday, July 1, 2013


The Strymon TimeLine is the hottest delay on the market, and for good reason.

It's sound quality is crystal clear and it's packed full of features and killer presets.  It's well-built and easy to use.  What more could you want?

...glad you asked!

Even though it's primarily a delay, TimeLine has a limited LOOPER mode that sounds terrific and is easily accessed by holding down the TAP button for a couple seconds.

The TimeLine is actually capable of being a full-featured LOOPER, because Strymon added a bunch of additional LOOPER features that can be only accessed by MIDI commands.  The thing is, most people play music to get away from their computer, not to connect it to their pedals!

Molten Voltage loves the TimeLine, and decided to make a separate foot controller that unlocks those MIDI-only LOOPER commands, while adding a number of other slick features, putting the TimeLine LOOPER on par with any other Looper on the market.

OZ connects to the TimeLine with a standard MIDI cable - no mods required!   
You'll be able to use OZ without opening a manual.

Features include:

UNDO back to initial loop
REDO overdubs (after pressing UNDO)
REVERSE loop direction instantly
HALF-SPEED playback and recording with LED Speed indicator.
--- Tip: record at half-speed to create DOUBLE-SPEED playback!

Single-press, soft-touch recording and playback
--- Press and Hold the REC/PLAY Button while recording and the loop automatically plays on release.  This makes loop timing far easier and more accurate than pressing a second button

DRY Switch automates TimeLine's LOOPER without delay by setting the Mix to guitar only upon Record

LOOP LEVEL control - adjust in real-time, or set it and forget it (auto-adjust on Record)
MIDI IN merges and actively filters incoming MIDI data for optimal TimeLine synchronization and performance
One-cable MIDI OUT connection to the TimeLine - no mods required!
Staggered, stair-step switch design for easy-access to rear switches
Optional side Record Jack for remote soft-touch footswitch operation

Simple, intuitive user interface

If you want to learn more about OZ and how to get the most out of your TimeLine, head over to


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