Thursday, June 12, 2014

28 Effects that can sync to MIDI Clock with CTL-Sync

We just added TC Electronic G-Force and Catalinbread Semaphore Tremolo to the list of effects that can sync to MIDI Clock using CTL-Sync.

That makes 28 pedals with a Tap Input Jack that can sync together even though they don't use MIDI Clock.  CTL-Sync switches in time with an incoming MIDI Clock and also has 9 ratios for each of the outputs that are stored as part of each preset.

Get your pedals in sync so you can swim!

Visual Sound | Dual Tap Delay |
Marshall | EH-1 Echohead Delay |
Molten Voltage | TOGGLE |
Empress Effects | Phaser |
Throne Room Pedals | Tremolo |
Bomes Electric | Ape Delay |
TC Electronic | G-Force |
Catalinbread | Sempahore Tremolo |

1 comment :

  1. Is it possible any day i can use my EHX Memory Man hazarai(tap built in) with any Molten device, that allow me sync it to my other midi pedals?