Friday, December 12, 2014

Free The Tone Flight Time Delay and T-Rex Replica can now Sync to MIDI Clock!

Free The Tone Flight Time Delay 
and T-Rex Replica 

can now Sync to MIDI Clock!

SIXY, the Tempo Synchronizer from Molten Voltage can now convert MIDI Clock into the MIDI values required by those pedals.

SIXY also lets you select a tap ratio so you can adjust one of 9 musical ratios based on the quarter note MIDI Clock.  The ratio is even stored as part of each MIDI program!

SIXY also works as a stand-alone device, so if there isn't any MIDI Clock coming in, you can use the tap button to sync you pedals.

SIXY also syncs up Line 6 and Behringer devices.

There's more information at


.:. Bill


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